Dues & Requirements

Fund: Private Equity/Venture Capital Annual Dues
Voting MemberBased on AUM
AUM <= $30,000,000$1,000
AUM > $30,000,000 and < $300,000,000$1,000 + AUM * 0.00001
AUM >= $300,000,000$4,000
Fund: Business Development CompanyAnnual Dues
Voting MemberBased on AUM
Fund: Small Business Investment CompanyAnnual Dues
Voting MemberBased on AUM
AUM <= $10,000,000$2,000
AUM > $10,000,000 and < $100,000,000$2,000 + AUM * 0.00007
AUM >= $100,000,000$9,000
Limited Partner (1)Annual Dues
Voting Member$1,000

(1) Limited Partner membership is conditional upon meeting the qualification criteria set forth in the SBIA Bylaws Section 4(a).

Fund in Formation(2)Annual Dues
Associate Voting Member $2,000

(2) Fund in formation membership is automatically converted to membership as a voting member upon becoming a licensed SBIC, licensed BDC or meeting the SBIA Bylaws Section 4(a) definition of a fund. Fund in formation membership terminates after two calendar years.

Service Provider(3)Annual Dues
Non-Voting Member $10,000

(3) Service provider membership includes law, accounting, due diligence, and back office/valuation firms.  Only a limited number of Service Providers may be approved for SBIA membership, and we are currently at capacity in this category and not accepting new member applications.

Intermediaries, Banks & Other Investors Annual Dues
Non-Voting Member
Investment Bank$5000
Placement Agent(4)$5000
Independent Sponsor(5)$2000
Bank Lender$5000
Private Lender$5000
Bank Investor(6)$1000

(4)   Placement Agents are eligible for SBIA membership at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee.

(5)   Independent Sponsors must obtain two referrals from existing SBIA members before they are eligible for SBIA membership.

(6)   Bank Investor membership is for banks actively investing in SBIC funds and eligibility for this membership is determined only after obtaining SBIA's approval.