SBIA Welcomes Keynote Speaker, Greg Williams from WIRED

2019 National Summit for Middle Market Funds 

Keynote Speaker:

Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA) is excited to welcome Greg Williams, the editor-in-chief of WIRED, as the Monday keynote speaker for the 2019 National Summit for Middle Market Funds. Scheduled to present on the morning of October 7th, Greg will discuss A.I. The Fourth Industrial Revolution-Transforming Businesses Large and Small.

Greg Williams is a leading authority on technology trends and the ways they impact business and society. As editor-in-chief of WIRED, Greg meets the innovators, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs and creatives who are changing the world and writes on a variety of subjects, including innovation, technology, business, creativity and ideas. A journalist and author of five novels, Greg formerly served as the executive editor of WIRED for seven years before taking the publication’s helm.

He has interviewed CEO-level business-people at both private and public events and has moderated panels with executives from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies at high-profile conferences and private gatherings. Greg enjoys an international career – he has lived in both London and New York – and travels regularly in search of the people and ideas that are transforming our world. This year he has delivered keynotes, moderated panels and facilitated conferences in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

His essay on neuroeconomics was recently featured in the book Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Greg is also the co-founder of the digital storytelling platform MyLondonStory, which is available as an iOS app. Greg’s success as a longform storyteller in novels and journalism means that he has a particular interest and expertise in the power and role of content as traditional media channels transform and new ones proliferate.

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SBIA welcomes you to join us at the 2019 National Summit for Middle Market Funds scheduled for October 6-8, 2019 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL. While the event is sold-out, we do invite you to join the waitlist. Individuals will be moved from the waitlist as openings become available.

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The National Summit for Middle Market Funds is hosted by the Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA). SBIA is the voice and advocate for the lower middle market. Go to to learn more about the Small Busines Investor Alliance.

Biography source: Leading Authorites, Inc.

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