Virtual CapitaLinx

Inspired by our in-person offerings, Virtual CapitaLinx will be held over the course of five days, with time slots from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. EDT each day. A unique fundraising opportunity that utilizes a strategic GP/LP matchmaking platform, this highly successful networking event is an exceptional opportunity for participants – whether you’re a GP actively fundraising or going to market soon, or an LP looking to find new fund managers to invest in. Virtual CapitaLinx features:

  • 25-minute, GP-LP meetings held in private virtual offices, making them secure, efficient and productive.
  • Meeting selections are made by LPs, ensuring that your valuable time is spent meeting with LPs that have an interest in your team and strategy.
  • A fee structure where GPs pay per meeting, so your cost to participate is fair and focused on results.

      *GPs planning to fundraise at CapitaLinx for a Fund-in-Formation must be SBIA Members to participate.

SBIA has facilitated thousands of one-on-one GP/LP meetings!
Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity.

CapitaLinx is also held in-person during our Western Private Equity Conference and the National Summit for Middle Market Funds. To participate in the in-person CapitaLinx events, you must register to attend the concurrent conference. For more information about all CapitaLinx events, contact us at 202.628.5055 or via email.

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April 12 - 16 2021

For more information contact us at 202.628.5055 or via email at