Meet the Team

Small Business Investor Alliance Staff

Small Business Investor Alliance Staff
Brett Palmer, President
Reggie Washington,  Executive Assistant to the President
Lisa Ketelsen,  Chief Operating Officer
Aynsley Stoy,  Events Coordinator
Taylor Thornton,  Events Coordinator
Allie Kownacki,  Office Manager & Events Coordinator
David Parkhurst, General Counsel
Tonnie Wybensinger, Head of Government Relations
Justin Pelletier, Executive Director, Government Relations
MaryBrown Sandys, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Catleah Capuli, Director of Investor Relations and Development
Alex Frick Arnsberger, Executive Director, Strategic Investing
Contractors and Consultants
Jeanette Paschal, Sound Meetings and Event Management, LLC Conference Advisor
Brian O'Shea, BPO Strategies
Paul Bock,Thorn Run Partners

For questions or to reach the SBIA staff, please contact us at or (202) 628-5055